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Thread: Anaerobic sealer - what is it? where can I get it?

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    Default Anaerobic sealer - what is it? where can I get it?

    I will be doing Heath's cooling upgrade starting Tuesday. Including pulling and cleaning the hell out of the radiator. I will plan on taking a bunch of pics to create some sort of "how to".

    But in the instructions it says to use an "anaerobic sealer". I've googled it and found out that it is a substance that will cure in the absense of air. And I understand what it is used for. Even got a Loctite and a GM part number (Locktite 518 & GM 1052943). I haven't tried the stealer, and am having a heck of a time finding anything off the shelf in the local auto stores. Anyone have any ideas where a Canuck can go to get this stuff? I don't think it's the same as RTV or silicone.

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    I believe "The Right Stuff" is anaerobica. I think that is by Permatex. . I'd recommend "The right stuff" or GM PN from what I have read.
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    I think the "right stuff" is a urethane based silicone replacement.

    Our local NAPA and Auto Electric stores generally have the anerobic sealants. They are sometimes labeled as gasket maker. I think they were originally formulated to use on modular cases like snowmobiles, subaru's and air cooled vw's. It is unlikely that you will find it at the regular places like canadian tire and parts source.
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    Google is great.

    Here is a link to Summit:

    summit racing part detail 37394

    Also, Permatex 51813 = Loctite 518

    Here is a pdf of all gasket maker:

    May want to bring it to local store to see if they have either one of those.
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    NAPA or most large parts houses will have it(AZ and ADVANCE are more for do it yourselers). It is commonly called gasket maker and it will be a thick red paste. You can also buy it from EVINRUDE as GEL SEAL as it is also used for sealing engine case halves in outboard motors. It is a sealer basically used where tolerances are critical and a silicone can't be used due to torsional flexing of the parts. Manual transmissions commonly use it for the case halves as well. Just remember though to be careful cleaning surfaces that will receive anrobic sealer. They must be flat and clean and pull down tightly together. Otherwise the sealer will not harden as it requires pressure in the absence of air for it to cure.

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    Must be the same stuff you can see 'squishing' out between my T-Case.
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    I bought a spray can of special anarobic prep at napa.It is acetone baced cleaner. There cant be any oil or anything else on the surfaces to be sealed.

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    Huh.. I missed that part when I did mine. I used plain old snot. No leaks.
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    You dont need any of the $$$$$$$$$$$ stuff to do the job right.

    The correct way to do the water pump is to use a gasket (felpro or your fav brand)
    There is a gasket that goes between the water pump back plate and the Timing cover and also one that goes between the back plate and the water pump.

    Use a little High temp silicone on the surfaces to stick the gasket and your good to go.

    Be sure to use a little extra silicone at the water ports. Also place a little silicone on the threads of any bolts that go into the water jacket.

    Easy, simple and no need to spend big Bucks and fool with the anerobic sealer.

    That stuff was marginal anyway.

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    i used "the Right stuff" when i did mine and itnaint got a single leak i was told about it by a friend and it is now my favorit sealnt kinda pricey but it works great.
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