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Burning oil
Last Activity:
May 8, 2018
Jan 3, 2009
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Burning oil

LeroyDiesel.com, from Houston

Burning oil was last seen:
May 8, 2018
    1. FatFut
      Leroy I sent funds via Pay Pal to info@leroydiesel.com.
    2. FellowTraveler
      How about a kojo tune for the HX40 w 18 cm2 what's the cost?
    3. jmack91z28
      Can you still get passenger side Banks exhaust manifolds, manifold only? If so, what's the price on them?
    4. turbovanman
      Your website is down.
    5. fish24711.bb
      Are you still making the intake adapters? I want one for a penslar turned 90* with all the hose and clamps
    6. Burning oil
      Burning oil
      Try again or email info@leroydiesel.com Thanks.
    7. BPley
      your inbox is full lol
    8. Burning oil
      Burning oil
      @ charlieware no problem. If you have not installed them yet you may consider my Oil cooler kit or hose kit. Go to leroydiesel.com and click engine lubrication tab at the top.
    9. charlieware
      Thanks for the info, didn't realize the prkn lites had to go makes sense. gm dlr supplied the line regards charlie
    10. Burning oil
      Burning oil
      Tim is working alot and stops in still, Jim is still around, but not posting as much at the moment and I never really knew GMCTD.
      1. fish24711.bb likes this.
    11. Dan Hunter
      Dan Hunter
      Where'd everybody go? TubineDoc, JiFaire, GMCTD...did the site just run its course and have nothing else to interest them?
    12. Burning oil
      Burning oil
      Yes, I use tape. Make sure to keep it back 2 threads from the end.
    13. Jorge6.5
      Teflon tap will be ok?
    14. Burning oil
      Burning oil
      Just on the pipe threads into the block and if you bought the cooler also you need some on those pipe threads. If it was just the hose kit then only the block. Make sure to use a wrench on the cooler to prvent twisting it and damaging it.
    15. Jorge6.5
      Do i need thread sealant or teflon tape for the threads on the fittings?
    16. Burning oil
      Burning oil
      Yes that was quick. Any questions just ask.
    17. Jorge6.5
      Leroy how ya doin?

      I just got the oil cooler kit today, wow that was fast! Them fittings and lines are bo diesel! Thanks a lot for the lift pump bypass fittings. Now my friend might be interested in buying one for his truck.
      Have a great day.
    18. Burning oil
      Burning oil
      I keep my pricing as low as I can without having to worry about offereing further discounts and all the headaches it presents.
      Thanks for asking.

      PS I also include in my kit the 45* swivle fittings instead of a rigid fitting ( a $25 value )
    19. Jorge6.5
      How ya doin Leroy?

      Im about to order an oil cooler kit and o ring kit for my truck. Im interested with what you have on your site and Im ready to order

      I see the lubrication specialist oil cooler kit includes the o ring kit and is close in price with what you over.

      I would like to know if you offer a discount to members of the site here.

      Thank you very much.
    20. Burning oil
      Burning oil
      That would be good if they will make them that way.

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    Have owned 6.5 ltd trucks since 1992


    [​IMG] Leroy.

    We sell pmd extension cables, Turbo Boost Bolts and lots of 6.5 turbo diesel parts. Check out the web site.
    Be sure to update your signature with products you bought from me.
    My Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwHdiVqPGSiCiMINvxiM07A
    1 ton, crew cab, 6.5 diesel w/DB2 4911 IP. srw.
    1994 2wd Suburban.